Westwood College

Westwood College was founded as the Denver Institute of Technology in Colorado in 1953. Since its inception the school has morphed into a professional college with seventeen campuses in six states. They have also founded an Online Campus for E-Learning educational opportunities.

Westwood College today has five academic disciplines that are its major focus:

  • Business
  • Design
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Industrial Services
  • Healthcare

Westwood's student body is a dynamic mix of people seeking an educational advantage. The Westwood campuses have many recent high school graduates who have chosen to pursue a degree at Westwood, perhaps because of the opportunities they provide to graduate at an accelerated pace. Westwood provides career opportunities for the new generation with majors that combine Information Technology with Video Game Development.

Mixed into the student body are professionals who wish to add degrees to their resumes in order to move into Management positions in the careers that they've already chosen. That's why their Business School is so career-oriented: the Bachelors in Business has core studies such as E-Business, Accounting and Marketing.

For young adults seeking to switch careers or perhaps develop a fresh start, the Westwood Campuses will work with you to transfer previous college credits so that you have a head start on those basic higher education Requirements. All of the Westwood majors are industry relevant, and the Westwood Colleges work with local businesses to try and provide hands on experience along with the classroom work.

Westwood has grown into a network of quality campuses providing relevant education. See what they've got that will work for you.